2020, I am just done with you.

Hello everybody!

Well…it feels awkward writing a proper blog after posting ONLY ONCE last year although I made a commitment to myself to try to blog more often. I just find it super difficult to create new habits and sticking to them. Buy hey, it’s mid 2020 and I thought it’s compulsory to write something about 2020 because of….you know…the PANDEMIC AND QUARANTINE!

Before I start my rant on 2020, I should say that I had a great start to this year. On January 1, my family and I traveled to Dubai and Bangladesh. It was a short three-week trip, but it was so refreshing. My grandmother lives in Bangladesh and I was so thrilled to see her (so was she). I also had a great time with my uncle and aunts whom I have met after years. Sadly, I got food poisoned there and had a tough few days, but I recovered swiftly.

And then our trip continued to Dubai/UAE. Since I was born and raised there my excitement to visit UAE was through the roof. As soon as I stepped out of the airport, the air hit me with major nostalgia! Oh those good old days! We stayed there for few days and then returned back home to U.S.

I had some big plans for 2020. I was ready to seize this year and mark it as the year of many big and small accomplishments. I had plans to get a new job, go to graduate school, get healthy, take a trip to Lake Tahoe and many more! And then came COVID-19.

surprised saturday night live GIF

Since March, I have been nothing but anxious. Stock market crashed. Millions Unemployed. I don’t know what is going to happen next. Will I ever find a new job? How am I going to pay rent? How am I going to pay my bills? Just like me, millions of people are living in complete uncertainty and we don’t know what’s coming ahead of us. A lot of states have eased the lockdown however many of them are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases. Some of my extended family members have passed away due to the virus. With this pandemic, my optimism turned into a big ball of extreme anxiety. I also stopped watching the news because it’s just made me more anxious. I am really worried about my family, specially my dad. I have completely banned him from stepping out of the house.

I really pray and hope that we get past this awful time as quickly as possible. I am specially praying that vaccine becomes widely available before December so that the world can go back to normal. For sure, 2020 is one for the books.



I am going to say YES to EVERYTHING this year.

I am going to say YES to my fears.

I am going to say YES to my anxiety.

I am going to say YES to try something new.

I am going to say YES to working hard.

I am going to say YES to things that scares me.

I am going to say YES to my dreams.

I am going to say YES to being honest with myself.

I am going to say YES to become the person I want to be.

My biggest fear is fear of failure. I don’t stick to my goals because fear of failing kicks in and I just go back to my old habits. I find it very difficult to keep my motivation constant. I have been reading books on how our brain works and understand how our mind works. I have learned so much from these books and I am practicing to be more in sync with my mind. I get distracted very easily. I set up goals, I work on it for about two days and then I just give up. One thing I have learned from all the books is that I have to talk to myself more positively. Instead of saying “I am loser, I can’t do anything” I have to say “I did the best I can. I will keep trying”.

My goal is until the end of this year, I am going to say YES to all things that I want to achieve and I want to try. No more giving up.

YES to keep trying. Let’s see how this goes…



10 Uses of Coconut Oil

Hey all! It’s been a long time since I posted anything!

Today, I thought I should share with everyone about the many uses of coconut oil and what I use coconut oil for. Coconut oil is anti-septic, anti-fungal, loaded with various fatty acids that are wonderful for hair, skin, nails and overall health. If you want to enjoy the most benefit of coconut oil, then try to get the cold pressed, unrefined, organic coconut oil as it preserves the nutrients. I bought mine from Amazon (link). Continue reading “10 Uses of Coconut Oil”

My Hair Care Essentials

Hello Everyone! Well, today I am going to talk about the hair products that I use on a daily basis. These products are absolute necessity for me to maintain healthy hair and scalp. I have dark brown, waist length hair and it’s thick and wavy. Also I should add that I suffer from dry scalp. Dry scalp is the biggest problem that I face during winter season and maintaining my hair care routine can feel like a big task sometimes. On wash day, I have to do some kind of scalp treatment, either oil treatment or DIY treatments from the internet, before I head into shower. Three of the products that I am going to talk about are a staple for my dry scalp treatment during winter.

Without further ado, here are my hair product essentials: Continue reading “My Hair Care Essentials”

My Top 5 Makeup Products

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I posted. I was out of town for a wedding and I had relatives who were visiting from overseas, so I was very busy having a great time with them!

I pulled out about 15 products and boy was it difficult to pick out only 5! I did my best to condense it down to 5– there are just too many make-up products I love and use them often. Continue reading “My Top 5 Makeup Products”